Technical Content Samples

Connecting the Challenges of Medical Affairs Teams to Political Developments

Medical affairs teams connect pharma companies and the people who need to know more about those companies’ drugs (e.g. doctors, patient advocate groups, researchers). Their business is scientific exchange, not political theater. And yet they found themselves right in the middle of some absurdist political theater during the COVID-19 pandemic. This piece, written for a client who builds software for medical affairs professionals, tells that story.

Turning Stockpile Data Into Business Intelligence

Imagine you owned a salt mine. Your employees work day and night to extract salt from the earth, and the salt keeps piling up. As a business person, you need to know how much salt you have in your inventory. In the old days, someone would walk around each pile, apply a little geometry and guestimate your salt volumes. Today, you can fly a drone over your piles and instantly get a precise volumetric measurement. This means you now have a stream of big data, which has the power to completely revolutionize your salt mining enterprise. This piece, written for a materials data company, explains what that revolution could look like.

The Importance of Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials

COVID-19 showed the world how American healthcare and public health policies privilege certain groups. Researchers therefore have a responsibility to push for representation and health equity in clinical trials. This piece outlines how drug manufacturers and clinical research organizations can do just that.