SaaS Product Marketing Samples

CRM for Small Businesses, Sample No. 1

This piece came from a campaign to support a well-known software company’s lightweight CRM product, designed for SMBs and self-employed people. That audience is likely trying out CRM software for the first time, and so the content explicitly had to connect the CRM’s features with the audience’s business needs. I went with a message of “here are five customer interactions you should track” to tie those together.

CRM for Small Businesses, Sample No. 2

Same client, audience and strategy as above. However, this piece leaned a little more heavily toward a message of “here are some things a CRM can do to make your life easier.”

Enterprise Talent Management Platform

This piece was written for a client whose talent management software has several users and use cases. Part of the campaign’s goal, then, was to outline those different use cases. That way, people in a target user group could see how this big suite of HR tools were relevant to their specific jobs. This piece connects the employer brand-building features of the client’s platform to the everyday work a head of recruiting must do.